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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Queen City different?

Queen City is different because we’re all about creating the best possible patient experience with our commitment to innovation, education, and customer service.

Where Are Queen City Cannabis Dispensaries located?

There are two Queen City Dispensary locations in Ohio. One is in Cincinnati, and the other is in Harrison at 10140 Suspension Bridge Rd, Harrison, OH 45030

Do I need to be a certain age to consume Medical Cannabis in Ohio?

Yes. You must be 21+ with an MMJ card (unless a medical card is approved for 18 and under, but this is very rare)

Who can legally consume medical marijuana in Ohio?

Ohio citizens that are 21+ with an MMJ card.

How much are the taxes for Medical Cannabis in Ohio?

Medical marijuana is taxed at 5.75% statewide. Local taxes vary.

How much does Medical Cannabis cost at Queen City Cannabis?

It depends on what you buy. A 0.85g of high-end concentrate may retail for over $70, while a tenth may cost as little as $25.

Do I need a medical card to buy Medical Cannabis products?

Yes, you do (until recreational licenses are issued).

Does Queen City Dispensary offer deals and discounts?

We do! Check out our individual location pages for out menus & special offers.

Does Queen City Dispensary do Medical Cannabis delivery?

We do not. Medical Cannabis delivery is not legal in Ohio.

Flower is one of the most popular and well-known consumption methods for medical marijuana. At Queen City Cannabis, we are committed to providing access to the highest quality flower grown in Ohio. Explore commonly asked questions below.

What are the Best Medical Cannabis Flower Brands Available in Ohio?

Queen City takes the time to curate the flower on our menu from the best farms in Ohio. Our lineup from Meigs County, Woodward, Ancient Roots, Buckeye Relief, Certified Cultivators, Seed & Strain, Farmaceutical RX, Cresco, and The Botanist are all grea

What are the Best Indica Medical Cannabis Strains at Queen City Dispensary in Ohio?

If you love Indica, you’ll love Queen City’s menu of fantastic Indica Strains, including London Pound Cake from Meigs County, Garlic Breath 2.0 from Buckeye Relief, GMO from Farmaceutical RX, and Larry’s Breath #2 from Certified.

What are the Best Sativa Medical Cannabis Strains at Queen City Dispensary in Ohio?

Queen City’s Sativa lineup is stellar, with notable cultivars such as Bruce Banner #3 from Classic, Grapefruit Sour Dream from Buckeye Relief, Durban Poison from Pure Ohio Wellness, and Rollins from Cresco.

What are the Best Hybrid Medical Cannabis Strains at Queen City Dispensary in Ohio?

Hybrid strains bring together Indica and Sativa for more balanced effects, and Queen City rolls deep with the best Hybrid strains in Ohio, including Animal Face from Woodward, Original Mandarin Cookies from Ascension, Jelly Rancher from Buckeye Relief, and Kush Face #5 from Certified Cultivators.

Does Queen City Dispensary in Ohio Carry CBD Flower?

Queen City Cannabis does not carry CBD flower at this time.

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